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Family Heirlooms

Family is what makes us who we are. My family is very important to me and they have instilled values and beliefs in me that I still hold on to today. This body of work pays respect to my grandmother and mother.

I remember as a young child seeing a photograph of my grandparents in long white christening gowns. I remember thinking about how beautiful the image was. When I started this body of work I knew that I wanted to create cyanotype images on christening gowns. I am working with my mom who is the seamstress on the gowns. My grandmother taught my mom how to sew.

The images created are those showing the family farm that was in my family for over 100 years, where we would visit my grandparents in the summer. The last image in the series is of my mom holding the flag that was on my father's casket. The images have a nostalgic feeling to them even though they are my views on who I am.

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